Be Careful Online and Offline




 If a location is deemed in our opinion to be not in the best interest of our group for any reason we may cancel and drop the meetup. Reasons can range from overly high prices on POF nights, padding adding extra items to tabs, unsanitary conditions, questionable food quality, not enough parking, or sometimes we just get tired of a place, or maybe it is too far to travel.


 Sometimes another host may try to repost old discarded locations as new events, copycat, take over an event that might have been successful in the past. There is nothing wrong with this, and you are more than welcome to patronize if you see fit. Be careful, exercise caution, be smart.


 We encourage novice hosts to discover new fresh locations and not reopen places that may have been canceled due to complaints, bad conditions, not in the best interest of POF Attendee’s. Do research, gather facts, and don't host a POF Meetup at a place that might not have a good track record.


Likewise we encourage honorable hosts to reopen a great old location if it has the right ingredients to offer, for example if a host moves out of state and can no longer host the excellent location.

 As always we are dedicated to bringing you high quality POF Singles Meetups in Tampa Bay.  Cheers!


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